Special offer

You can ask us for a fix price on your move and we will offer you boxes and packing materials free of charge. However, if you wish to use our Full Packing or Partial Packing Service in the same time, there would be an additional charge.


We offer a full range of packing services and materials to suit your needs. We also provide Unpacking Service to our customers.

No matter if you are moving your home, business and require a packing service that suits your requirements or just need an extra protection for one or more items to reallocate safely, we can re-assure you that we have everything you need: from different size of boxes, tape, packing paper to bubble wrap, mattress covers and much more.

We can also supply you with heavy duty plastic crates which are a perfect packing solution as they do not soak up water and are a mean of extra security and protection.​

How Packing Service works:

Usually we come few days ahead of the moving date with all materials to complete professional  packing. 

Whether you choose Full Packing or Partial Packing Service, we will make sure that items are fully protected. Each box will be secured with tape and labelled  appropriately according to your instruction.

If you have any items that require special attention and care such as china, ornaments or an unusual shape items, please let us know in advance in order to prepare everything we need for your safe move.


We provide price for the service based on the number and type of materials that need to be used  and the complexity of the work. We always discuss our prices in advance so there is no hidden costs. We also do not charge for materials that we have not used during the packing process.

Our Standard Offers: 

Full Packing Service


Our professionally trained team will pack all of your belongings to ensure they are fully protected and arrive safety into your final destination.


Part Packing Service


If you wish partially pack you items and only require some assistance with packing, you can rest assured as we provide part packing service. 

Packing materials

If you’d rather pack yourself, we are happy to supply you with the sufficient packing materials and boxes at minimum cost and deliver them to your address.

We normally suggest that you allow around two weeks to complete the packing of your home, however we can supply you with all necessary packing materials at any time prior your moving date.

Unpacking Service

​If your reallocation is at its final stages, let us handle the rest. We will unpack absolutely everything for you according to your instruction and collect all waste packing materials for disposal  and recycling.

Easy Pack & Go delivery services and the environment

Wherever possible, we use sustainable packing materials made from recyclable products to make contribution to the environment protection.