Checklist Tenancy Cleaning


  • Kitchen cupboards and drawers  - clean inside and outside

  • Refrigerator and freezer - clean inside and outside (only if refrosted)

  • Microwave and dishwasher - clean inside and outside

  • Wall tiles - remove mold, grease and scorched food

  • Sink and water taps (lime scale removal included) - clean and polish

  • Work surfaces and kitchen appliances such as toaster, kettle, etc - whipe and polish

  • Windows and windowsills - clean and polish ( only inside) 

  • Floor - vacuume and mop

  • Bins - empty and clean

  • Plugs and light switches - clean/ whipe/ polish


  • Bathroom tiles, bathtubs, showers, vanity and sink, toilets  - clean and disinvest (lime scale removal included)

  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures  - clean and polish

  • Floor - washed and disinfected / carpets vacumed

  • Plugs and light switches - whipe and polish

  • Rubbish bins - empty and clean

  • General dusting


  • Cobwebs - remove from ceilings and corner

  • Windows and windowsills - wipe and polish

  • Skirting boards ,woodwork, picture rails, fittings and lampshades, wardrobes, shelving and cupboards, top of doors, curtains rail - clean and wipe off the dust

  • Mirrors, glass surfaces metal - clean and polish

  • Plugs, sockets and light switches - dust and wipe carefully

  • Floor - vacuum/  mop hard floors and laminate

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